About Us


Welcome to Zian

Zian is an attempt to venture out of the confines of religions & rituals to seek spirituality in little things of life. In this busy life, when spirituality is turning into a commodity, we strive to find this “spiritual self” within our daily practices and conduct. Based on the three pillars of Faith, Knowledge, and Character, Zian is a journey towards awakening of consciousness away from the notions of rituals.

Our Mission

We talk of faith, not only in a higher power but also in our own selves. We seek knowledge, not only from scriptures but from the experiences & realizations of our daily lives. We strive to build characters by instilling the values of humanity in our routine practices. At Zian, we focus on self-awareness to bring in little transformations in our lives, culminating in inner calm and happiness.

Our Mission

The famous author, Richard Wright quite rightly said- “Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread.” Zian is your voyage of self-realization enriched with core human values. A touch of compassion, a dash of forgiveness, a pinch of kindness, a dab of truth, and some more… Zian is all about the little things in life that come together to bring joy to the mind, body, and soul.

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Join us on this journey of self-search as we evolve together to create mindful consciousness for a happy, safe, and beautiful world. Join as we move from ritual to spiritual to awaken the spirituality within.