Learn Osho Zen Tarot

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Learn Osho Zen Tarot

Osho zen tarot cards are different than the normal deck. They not only help you find answers to your day to day questions but show you the everything in the light of zen.

Solve the problems of life with awareness. Every event of your life is inside cards. It’s mystical to learn to reveal those mysteries.

  • Zen is not a habit, a state of peace or a destination -It is a path to fully awaken to your original nature, which is present right here, right now. It is the essence of wisdom and compassion embodied in spiritual masters. So these cards not only predict future but make you better understanding about life.
  • This deck is very different than the traditional Tarot as it says enlightenment is possible right here and now. Suffering leaves you with awareness. Your life can be blissful by diving deep into the rivers of understanding.
  • It is said about Osho that he never repeated any single statement ever in his discourses. His Philosophy is closely related to Zen i.e. Buddhists Masters. For him every moment of life was a meditation. Before leaving this Earthly abode, he gifted a deck of 79 Cards to understand life.
  • Tarot is a tool for Fortune Telling. It is the study of your life. Learning to read Tarot Cards lets you understand yours life better. You can learn to see past, present and future more clearly. It is the mirror of your life at any given moment and reflects your thoughts, feelings, emotions.
  • Self evolution
  • Self reading and reading for others
  • Self healing and healing others
  • Solving problems
  • Knowing likely future
  • Decision making
  • Defining goals
  • Finding lost objects
  • Finding missing people
  • Calculating best time
  • Knowing year by year prediction
  • Improving wealth, relationships, career, health and issues pertaining to life
  • Finally finding answers to all your queries
What you'll learn
Self evolution
Self reading and reading for others
Self healing and healing others
Solving problems
Knowing likely future
Defining goals
Finding missing people
Knowing year by year prediction
Improving wealth, relationships, career, health and issues pertaining to life
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by Beenhu Grover
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In this physical body, I came into existence on 10th August' 1974 but as a soul, I don't remember how many lifetimes I have experienced to reach here. I started my career as a teacher and worked for almost 5 years but I wanted to do something else. Despite putting years of hard work into it, I was not satisfied. I used to be restless as if I was craving to be connected with something deeper, something that could satisfy the quest of my soul, and then destiny revealed it plans & I landed up learning Reiki. The moment I entered into the healing world, everything seemed to happen magically & effortlessly. It was as if the mystic world was calling out for me for a long & I was fortunate enough to have come across Amit, my mentor, Reiki teacher, friend, and guide. Not only I learned all levels of Reiki, I took various healing sessions from him simultaneously and that changed my life completely. And in my journey to learn many healing modalities, I found Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva, who introduced me to the miraculous world of Tarot card readings, Acupressure & Magnet therapy. After packing up my 10 yrs of business, I started working as a healer & today my purpose is to heal as many people as I can. I thank God for choosing me to become a beautiful channel of healing & letting people reach me. I was a Channel of healing, am in the mode - Give, Give, Give..... I am doing this with a very pure intention of carrying forward the mission of my teacher, Jagmohan Sachdeva, of making one healer in every home, to make people self-reliant and free from physical and mental illness.

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