Conflict Management, Stress Reduction, Building Trust


The ability to communicate about conflicts, stress, and imbalances in a way that reduces conflict among team members.


  • Bringing about great team balance by application of paradoxical intent, or the reduction of internal and interactive conflicts by participating in conflict as a team.
  • Enhancing the ability of individuals within a team to relax and let go of stress through active team learning and healthy team competition.
  • Acting as a mirror for the team in order to identify and become aware of overly aggressive components.
  • Encouraging the capacity to take responsibility for the actions of the team by “stepping up to the plate” and choosing certain risk-taking actions that reduce stress.
What you'll learn
To learn how to reduce stress and conflict in the midst of highly stressful situations to improve the performance of the team.
We also provide custom create a training program that focuses Conflict Management, Stress Reduction, Building Trust
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This course includes
  • 4 Hours
  • 10 (Minimum) to 40 (Maximum) people.
Durations: 4 hour
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Maximum Students: 0
Skill level: beginner