Five Elements Mantra Healing

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Five Elements Mantra Healing

We respond to things we feel deeply from inside. All our beings are made from nature and when we attune to the nature of these elements, a unique power is activated in us.

About the concert:

The Five Elements Concert is a unique ‘Sound Soulful Concert’ that combines the following:

  1. Ancient Vedic Chants working with each element and each chakra
  2. Unique Mantra Singing
  3. Sound Healing with Flute which helps us to feel very deeply and heal the required emotions and elevate our consciousness
  4. A Dance presentation to celebrate the Spirit of Sound
  5. Unique Storytelling that helps us gain a deeper insight into our life and energy systems
What you'll learn
Help you to pause and feel your center
From the inner axis, tap into your strengths and the ability to see the weaknesses as opportunities
Bring you to a meditative state which opens up possibilities of the psychic realm and expansion of consciousness
Make you feel love for the self, others, and the world around
Help release your pent up and frozen emotions
Inspire and invoke the creative spirit
Celebrate the sense of presence
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by Mukta Mayoori
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An International mantra expert, an Energy healer of Sound, Mukta Mayoori has immense experience in many modalities. Leaving a successful corporate career followed by her Postgraduation in Mass Communication from Manipal University of Communication to pursue her inner journey and to share her profound experiences with others to bring in empowerment at every level has been her mission. She shares the essence of her knowledge in unique experiential “Mantra Concerts” which are full of energetic mantras, meditative music, important symbolism of mythological episodes as a charming storytelling interlude, flute recital with relevant dance representations. She performs these internationally with her partner, Dmitriy Matveev. Mayoori is a singer, composer, sitarist, and a danseuse. Her creative skills are utilized in creating a meditative and healing experience. She has just returned from a successful tour in Russia where she and her partner gave concerts and workshops in Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl and Moscow cities. Mayoori has experience with mantras for more than 30 years. Having been immersed in the knowledge of Sanskrit from her childhood, Mayoori took to Sanskrit and mantras like fish to water. With a Bachelors’ degree in Sanskrit from reputed Bangalore University, Bangalore, India, winning several Gold medals, she amplified her spiritual thirst and knowledge she has had since the early time of her life. She was in the practice of many modules of healing and meditation. Under the aegis of International masters like Maya Mandala, she was unfolding many aspects of her life journey. But it was after several other lineages like Shamanism and Mandala that she had an awakening to return to Mantras. Ever since then, she embraced this path where she started empowering people with her experience and knowledge on Mantra Yoga. Mayoori has given discourses and Mantra Yoga sessions in "Aurobindo Ashram" and has been coaching groups and individuals in her workshops. She has also given live sessions in premium education institutions like “Amity University”, an international center of excellence in studies. And now, she has many creative undertakings in online space and offline retreat programs. Dmitriy Matveev, her partner, is a key influence in bringing her wisdom and skills to the online platform to benefit many. It is with this platform that she has designed a unique approach where the fundamental and easy approach of mantra yoga is coached and the secret wisdom is shared in simple lessons that are usable in our everyday life.

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This course includes
  • A Soulful Sound Healing
  • with Mukta Mayoori & Dmitriy Matveev
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Skill level: beginner