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Inculcating Trust and Team Bonding

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Inculcating Trust and Team Bonding


Through several modules, the value of trust for a high performing team is experientially understood and indoor and outdoor activities that inculcate it are facilitated. The Team Bonding session, often underestimated is in our experience, the bedrock of an effective team. Breaking barriers of competitiveness, isolation, and distorted perception, team members often feel distant and unconnected to each other.


The module commences with a process of de-stressing and energizing through the medium of music, movement, and stillness.

This process will set the stage for the next session, in which participants will be facilitated through some profound processes of sharing, intimacy, deep listening and receptivity

What you'll learn
Both activities promote bonding at a deep level, transform perceptions and usually bring about shifts in the way teams function together.
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