Instilling & Strengthening the Inner-Achievement – Drive


A series of 4-day “Inner-Achievement – Drive – Strengthening” Workshops be considered for groups of 15-20 participants, who have “business-generation” and “business-delivery” goals for break-through achievement.

What you'll learn
A series of these Workshops for those performing in the middle ranges, or bottom ranges of A-B-C classification (or mid-range of the Bell-Curve of performance/results), despite their excellent professional qualifications and experience.
Within 2 months, a 1-Day “Booster Achievement – Drive” Workshop.
Subsequently, for their “Leadership Development Programme”,one could consider a series of experiential 4-Day “Inner-Positive- Power – Drive” Workshop for :
Developing Leadership Effectiveness
Developing “Persuasive-Power-Drive"
Developing “Helping – Power – Drive”
Learning how to build, and sustain “High Team Morale & Team Results”.
Within 2 months of this, a 1-Day “Booster – Positive-Power – Drive” Workshop to sustain this inner drive for upto 3-4 years in the future.
Participants’ group & individual data/analysis will be provided to organization after each Workshop.
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This course includes
  • 4 Hours
  • 10 (Minimum) to 40 (Maximum) people.
Durations: 4 hour
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Maximum Students: 0
Skill level: beginner