Does external learning help you in bringing inner peace?

Does external learning help you in bringing inner peace?

Inner peace refers to a deliberate state of psychological and spiritual calm despite stressful external stimuli. It means that a person is at peace with themselves and has learned to be self-actualized in a life full of mayhem. All the concepts of having one’s peace of mind, serenity, and calmness mean the disposition of a person to be free from the effects of stress and anxiety.

People’s daily life can be hectic, cluttered, and overwhelming. Sometimes, overworked people just want to run away from everything. It is a feeling all of us have experienced at some point in time of our lives. Amidst all the extravaganza of this modern, digital, and technical world, life functions as a simulation. The concept of inner peace is almost extinct and human beings have never been as distant from nature as today. Therefore, what must one do to avoid a chaotic lifestyle full of stressors? Is there a formula or a theoretical application to survive?

There is no one answer to these questions. It is a matter of absolute wonderment and subjective satisfaction. Inner peace arrives with different capacities to different people. And different people’s saturation points of coping with stressful situations is different. It is all about the experience, exposure, and expectations. The people who generally partake in acceptance and provide forgiveness are usually most content and at peace with themselves in their lives. These extra grudges and burdens of turmoil that human beings take upon themselves can take a perpetual toll on our lives. This can throw us off from believing in any sort of spiritual discovery or inner peace.

Achieving inner peace cannot be learned from external stimuli or situations. There might be external factors that provide an epiphany or idea for the way you can achieve it, but it’s mostly a journey of the self. Pablo Neruda’s famous poem “Keeping Quiet” describes the need for humans to stop and reflect. The skill of self-introspection is developed over long hours of spending time with the self. We must enjoy our own company and learn to live with our own thoughts. That is the key to finding one’s inner peace. In truth, nobody reaches an endpoint of finding inner peace. Even figures like the Dalai Lama have only learned how to moderate their inner peace better in relativity. There is no ultimate goal to it, just do what works for you!

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