How to detox after a stressful day?

How to detox after a stressful day?

Stress is a feeling of emotional and/or physical tension. It is a psychological state of mind where the mind and/or body is overwhelmed and exhausted. Stress usually arises from before and/or after any major life event (tragic or happy), important deadlines, time-sensitive opportunities, sudden news, and so on. It can make one feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. It can also make somebody feel motivated, pushed, and determined. Stress is a subjective bodily response to any challenge or demand. Therefore, different people react differently under stress, and under different kinds of stress. Often, in daily life, we use the term “stress” to describe only negative situations. However, there are essentially two types of stressors, which are discussed below.


People are most familiar with negative stressors that is also called distress. Distress has a lot of characteristics. It causes anxiety, constant concern, can be short or long term, kicks in when our coping abilities stop, feels unpleasant, decreases the ability to perform in daily activities or work, and can further lead to a lot of mental and physical problems.

Distress can arise from a number of negative situations in a human being’s life. The death of a loved one, divorce, losing friends, illnesses or injuries, hospitalization, facing abuse or neglect, conflict in relationships, financial troubles, unemployment, legal issues, and even sleeping related problems. The list is endless. How someone handles distress is a major indicator of their outlook in life, attitudes, and capability to deal with the lowest times of life.


Eustress is the positive side of stress. It acts as a reinforcer for somebody to finish a task, motivates, focuses energy, is short-termed, is the brimming point of our best coping abilities, feels exciting, and improves performance in daily activities or work.

Eustress arises only from positively big events in life. Receiving a work promotion, starting a new career, beginning marriage, having children, shifting houses, taking a vacation, retiring and so on. This list could also be endless. This kind of stress is almost necessary for one to feel. Till there is a stimulus of eustress, people usually are not motivated enough to finish a task, meet a deadline, or complete a challenge to the best of their abilities. It is not exactly pleasant, but the outcome of having eustress gives a lot of positive satisfaction to the person experiencing it.

Apart from external stimuli, a lot of stress is also generated internally. Intrinsic fears, repetitive patterns of thoughts, worrying about a non-existent threat, personal expectations, and so on. Other behavioral patterns such as overscheduling, not being assertive enough, and procrastinating also imbibe stress. Everybody goes through it on a day to day basis. What to do after a stressful day?

Listen to music

There is a reason so many lobbies, hotels, and restaurants use classical and instrumental music in their setups. They use music to create an ambiance of soothing. Studies have proven that listening to half an hour of classical music can elevate mood and produce an unparalleled calming effect on the mind of the listener. This is recommended to de-stress the burden of a heavy day. Listen to any of your favorite music and say bye to stress!

Read a book or watch a movie

Pleasure reading is a simple and solo task. Read a book you have been putting off, or watch that movie your friend recommended. It will definitely take your mind off the extra stress and calm your mind.

Eat balanced foods

One cannot talk about detoxification without talking about one’s food diet! A meal should always be balanced in terms of its components. There should be equal amounts of protein, fiber, and healthy fats on your plate especially when under stress. Proper meals at the right times, will provide your body enough energy to cope with your stressful life.

Detox from technological distractions

One of the most stress-inducing external stimuli always erupts from the digital world. In today’s world of unending negative news, and terabytes of stressful information, you must always take measures. Declutter your inbox and desktop, and assign only certain times for technological usage.

Do practice these things daily to help relieve your mind of stress. Spend time with your loved ones to help you through it!

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