How to start your spiritual journey?

How to start your spiritual journey?

If you’re just beginning your spiritual quest, the process will quickly feel daunting. There are as many different mystical approaches to liberation as there are people to ask. Not just that, but most people firmly believe that their path is the “right” way to go.

So how are you going to go through all the knowledge out there and discover the spiritual journey that’s perfect for you? Well, there are a few key points to remember, and questions to ask yourself before you start.

The first thing to make clear is exactly what you say when you talk of a spiritual journey.

For some individuals, a spiritual journey is a particular religious event or rite of passage, and for others, it is a non-worldly, out of body experience, or even a hallucinogenic trip with drugs such as ayahuasca or LSD.

Another concept that is sometimes tossed into the equation is the notion of religion. Most people believe that spirituality and religion are related. Although this may be the case for many people, it should be clear that this relation is still a decision that you have to make for yourself.

If you belong to a single faith, follow the values in different faiths, or roll your eyes at the concept of a God, you can still have a deeply spiritual journey.

Again, it’s just about defining what you feel right about, in order to clarify your own direction.

Find a Path That Resonates With You

Setting your priorities and knowing the multiple choices available will allow you to choose a direction that resonates with you. This could contain elements from a variety of separate books or sects, or it could be enforced rigidly by a single method.

In spite of that, there’s a clear law that you should obey.

If it feels good to you, it’s the right way to go. If you feel coerced, you may want to explore other options.

Spirituality in Today’s World

Finally, I would like to reiterate that the aim of spirituality is not to isolate yourself from the universe. While many people go through a time of inner experimentation that needs at least some degree of solitude, eventually the greatest challenge is to bring spiritual values into the real world.

You want to learn how to live your life in a way that helps you to adapt well to any situation or person before you. Be compassionate, loving, and joyful to others.

This is the greatest pledge of the spiritual journey. You begin to relax your mind, to realize what is really important, and to live up to your true potential.

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