Have we lost our Spiritual Mojo??


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Spirituality is different things for different people. Often it is mixed with religion and holy rituals, but spirituality is more about the way of life. And, to say the least, we all would agree that our way of life is pretty skewed. We may call it materialism, technology, fast-paced life, or just our laid-back attitude but we seemed to have lost our connection with the soul within. Yes, some of us occasionally visit places of religion or practice a few routine rituals. But spirituality has nothing to do with that. Spirituality is all about connecting with our inner self and the environment around us.

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When asked a simple question like- “who are you?” Most of us would answer- I am a doctor, a lawyer, a homemaker, an entrepreneur, or a manager, and so on. But is that really who we are? Are we only defined by our professions and designations? Surely it is something to ponder. Guess it is time to give a long, hard look at our way of life. It is time to look deeper into ourselves and pay a little more attention to our surroundings. It is time to breathe and live, not just exist.

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The man is not meant to be an island. Humans lived in communities for years and bartered not only things but also emotions & experiences. But now, with changing times & demanding lifestyles, we seem to have cut ourselves from society. We barely know our neighbors and sometimes have a barrier within the families too. It is one of the major causes of rising cases of depression and youngsters taking their lives. They are neither able to connect with themselves nor with those around them.
Well, spirituality may sound like a big, heavy word, but it is not as difficult to practice. All we need is a little time to ourselves, a little connection, and some changes in our lifestyle. Each of us has to find our own way to spirituality. It could be yoga, meditation, time away from technology, or giving a little of ourselves to those around us. It is not something we could achieve in a day, nor is there a minimum quota we need to fulfill. We need to experience life as is meant to be and uphold the fundamental values of humanity. Be kind, empathize with others, let go of your anger, and be mindful of the environment.

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We, at Zian, are a community of those endeavoring to comprehend our core human values and bring back our lost spirituality. Here, we communicate, we learn, and we practice becoming the person we want to be. Connect with us and let us strive together to get back our mojo!